A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Specialty Drug Costs

  • April 08, 2020
  • 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET
  • Online

When it comes to specialty drug costs, there’s more to manage than meets the eye. Many payers already have a focus on the costs seen under the pharmacy benefit. However, as specialty drug spend continues to rise, it’s becoming increasingly important to consider all aspects of specialty, including medications processed under the medical benefit. Managing specialty drugs under the medical benefit, however, doesn’t come without challenges.

One of the best ways for payers to manage medical benefit drug costs is to shift the coverage of certain specialty drugs from the medical benefit to the pharmacy benefit. Integrated management of specialty drugs across the medical and pharmacy benefits delivers significant value. This webinar will also address how leveraging pharmacy benefit management tools under a medical benefit can help health insurance providers manage more of their overall specialty spend, improve care and reduce costs. We will discuss specific aspects of Medical Pharmacy Solutions that will help to maximize your savings on specialty drug costs, including channel management, site of care, medical utilization management and medical rebate programs.

During this webinar attendees will learn how to:

  • Achieve increased visibility into drug spend and the ability to monitor expenses
  • Gain greater drug management and cost control
  • Discover opportunities to generate rebates on traditional medical benefit drugs
  • Promote more cost-effective drug solutions to reduce waste and unnecessary expenses


Laura Jester, PharmD, CSP
Associate Director
Specialty Pharmacy Solutions

Laura Jester, PharmD, CSP has over 8 years of specialty pharmacy experience and has been managing Navitus’ specialty programs since July 2015. In her role, she develops and maintains Navitus’ global specialty strategy, specialty pharmacy program client offerings, and specialty pharmacy vendor relationships. In addition, she functions as a specialty pharmacy subject matter expert for internal and external stakeholders. Laura also participates in quality initiatives and metric development and improving educational opportunities through her work with the Pharmacy Quality Alliance and National Association of Specialty Pharmacy.

Laura received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Pharmacy. She is a licensed pharmacist in Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Nicholas Skalitzky
Specialty Pharmacy Solutions

Nicholas Skalitzky originally joined Navitus in August 2013 and has been working with Navitus’ specialty programs since November 2017. He held roles in both rebate contracting and pharmacy network management prior to his work with Navitus’ specialty programs. Nicholas primarily oversees the Medical Pharmacy Solutions program while also developing specialty drug cost management strategies for clients and promoting new analytical initiatives.

Nicholas received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from St. Norbert College.

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