Developing Consumer-Centric Strategies Using Data & Behavioral Science

  • April 29, 2020
  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET
  • online

Health insurance providers today can access enormous amounts of data from multiple sources that go well beyond the typical information generated from claims. For example, many providers offer numerous services that complement medical and pharmacy benefits, such as wellness, virtual health, gap closure and medication adherence programs. In addition, public datasets can provide an in-depth understanding of members’ socio-economic levels and vulnerabilities to social determinants of health. This webinar will examine how health insurance providers can leverage this deep reservoir of data to create a consumer-centric strategy that increases customers satisfaction and delivers a clear competitive advantage.

Behavioral science is the study of the psychological, cognitive and emotional factors that influence decision-making. By using behavioral science to leverage the high volume of data they already possess, health insurance providers have the unique opportunity to gain new insights about their members and engage them on a much more personal level. In addition, providers can offer this new level of customized experiences and services not only to their members, but also to their clients as well as specific population groups. With such a consumer-centric strategy in place, health insurance providers can position themselves more strongly as a caring, concerned and therefore valuable partner in the minds of consumers, transforming them into loyal customers and members for life.

Attendees will learn:

  • Understand the importance of leveraging data to provide appropriately customized and personalized experiences for members
  • Learn common behavioral biases relevant to health care
  • Understand how behavioral economics can inform health-related decision making
  • Describe examples of customization at the health insurance provider, client, group and member levels


Dr. Catherine Bass
Director of Informatics
Onlife Health

Dr. Bass serves as the Director of Informatics at Onlife Health. Her areas of responsibility include data science, advanced analytics, reporting, survey science and research. She holds a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance with an emphasis in Health Promotion and has 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, including a national award from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for innovations in healthy behavior data collection. Her areas of expertise include measurement, incentive design, program planning and health behavior theory. Dr. Bass has authored articles for peer-reviewed and trade journals, speaks at industry conferences, holds adjunct faculty positions at several universities and is active in the data and technology industry in Nashville.

Dr. Svetlana Bender
Behavioral Science and Analytics

Dr. Svetlana Bender is the head of Behavioral Science and Analytics at GuideWell and is responsible for transforming academic research into actionable ideas aimed at improving individuals’ well-being and health-related decisions. Prior to her current role, she was the head of behavioral finance at UBS within the Investment Planning Team.
Svetlana has authored papers in academic journals and is a frequent presenter on behavioral science/economics. She holds a Ph.D. in Behavioral Science from the University of Warwick, United Kingdom, a Master’s degree in International Business and Economics from City University, London, and a B.A. in Economics from Boston University.

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