Hype vs. Reality: Anticipatory Customer Experience in the Age of Digital Health

  • September 21, 2016
  • 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM ET
  • Online

Keeping up with the ever-changing technology landscape is crucial to payers, but the secret ingredient to making digital health successful is in understanding how to use technology to create an effortless customer experience. The digital age hinges on understanding people and empowering them to take charge of their own health and wellness.

Technologies have evolved to the point where payers are now able to anticipate the needs of consumers and offer intent-driven engagement in a way that puts people’s best interest at the forefront.

According to McKinsey research, improving customer experience can lead to membership growth, lower churn rates, and administrative cost savings.

This webinar will provide insight into new technologies that help payers improve their customer experience and financial performance through anticipatory intent-driven engagement using self-service and assisted service approaches.

Webinar participants will learn:

  • What does “Anticipatory Customer Experience” mean in relation to digital health?
  • How to gather and utilize big data and predictive analytics to understand customer journeys
  • How to engage with members using an intent-driven approach across any channel and device of their choice
  • How to deliver an effortless customer experience that allows for continuity of context across channels

Who should attend: Key decision makers at payers who are interested in learning about how technology, customer experience and digital health intersect with one another.


Vijai Shankar mugVijai Shankar
Vijai Shankar brings more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software to his role as Senior Director of Industry Marketing at [24]7, Inc. His responsibilities includes leading retail marketing research and strategy. Prior to [24]7, Vijai held senior marketing positions at Kony, Genesys and VeriSign where he was responsible for product marketing, messaging, go-to-market and communications for strategic products and drove new customer acquisition programs in key verticals.

Monica McMullen mugMonica McMullen
Monica McMillan is an Engagement Manager at [24]7 working with some of our top Virtual Assistant clients to ensure their success. She brings to the role a strong background in internet linguistics and user behaviour, and has guided clients through some of our most complex and customized integrations.