Impacting Affordability During a Pandemic:
Humana’s Telehealth Experience

  • November 19, 2020
  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET
  • Online

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth is having sea change impacts across the industry. In this unique environment, Humana’s test-and-learn culture has uncovered many new opportunities to positively understand and impact member behavior, improve health status and outcomes, and decrease health plan costs.

In this Webinar, Humana will discuss their successful usage of NextHealth’s “Test & Learn” analytic platform during the Pandemic, targeted to resolve a long-standing problem for Humana – avoidable ER utilization. Employing a Test & Learn approach, Humana systematically identified and increased telehealth adoption with targeted members to causally reduce avoidable ER usage … even in the time of COVID!

Attendees will learn about:

  • Within the lens of Humana’s telehealth experience, creating a culture of Test & Learn to segment and target the most impactable populations
  • In addition to what was expected, discovery of new populations, prime for focused targeting and behavior change
  • Analytic techniques and methodologies applied in the Test & Learn process (A/B testing and Randomized Control Tests)
  • The power of telehealth in member communications and behavior change
  • Expected and unexpected findings, leading to significant impacts on avoidable ER utilization in a commercial population
  • What comes next? How do we continue utilizing Test & Learn to continuously improve results? How do we continue to utilize telehealth effectively to continue reducing costs and impacting affordability?The format will be an interview with Humana leadership by NextHealth CEO.



Malia Read
Director – National Commercial Trend

​Malia leads a team that improves health and lowers total cost of care for our members. Using data and insights, her group understands the drivers of cost and member behavior to develop more effective and efficient clinical programs, prescription drug benefits and network contracts.

Eric Grossman, Moderator
NextHealth Technologies, Inc.

Eric and the NextHealth team empower plan leadership to cut through the complexity and get to smarter, more impactful decisions, faster, including those that can influence and change behavior at scale.

NextHealth Technologies serves health plans by quickly drawing critical intelligence out of clinical and quality programs and initiatives.  Compelling results come in the form of better outcomes for members, lower costs for customers and, ultimately, more efficient and affordable healthcare for everyone.  Employing rigorous, scientific measurement across every clinical and quality initiative, NextHealth enables outcomes measurement at scale and provide health plans with customizable solutions that derive compelling performance insights—fast—to drive workflow and innovation.