Medicare Advantage: The Ups & Downs of Growth & Regulations

  • May 28, 2020
  • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET
  • online

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans continue to grow in popularity and satisfy the triple aim of health care. And while MA plans represent enormous growth potential with the aging Baby Boomer population, it’s not without its own challenges around changing regulations and Star Ratings.

The webinar will help participants understand how health insurance providers are preparing to grow their MA lines of business or start new lines of business with MA while battling the frequent regulations and updates to Star ratings. Our two subject matter experts will provide their thoughts about the challenges and opportunities in MA from a health insurance provider perspective as well as a core administrative solution viewpoint.

Attendees will learn:

  • What is happening in the MA today market, and why?
  • How are health insurance providers preparing for the influx of Baby Boomers entering the market? How are they prepared to compete in their marketplaces?
  • How are MA plans keeping their fingers on changing regulations and Star Ratings?
  • What are the implications MA health plans face in an election year?


Maggie Brown
Regulatory Compliance Manager

With more than 30 years of leadership experience in healthcare and insurance marketplace, Maggie has transitioned from health plan management roles to implementing core business solutions for health insurance providers around the country. With the enactment of HIPAA and the Balanced Budget Act, she has been focused on ensuring that health plans implement key technology solutions and meet the needs of their members, while being compliant in a rapidly changing regulatory environment. Maggie has led implementations for government programs at both new and established managed care companies, and has held regulatory compliance roles in several organizations. Maggie holds a Doctorate of Religious Arts degree with a major in Pastoral Psychology.

Ghita Worcester
Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Chief Marketing Officer

Ghita brings more than 35 years of health care management experience to her role as SVP, Public Affairs and Chief Marketing Officer, where she provides strategic direction for marketing, business development & strategy, public relations, legislative, regulatory, provider relations & contracting, government programs, and community outreach activities. She also serves as a national expert and speaker in the fields of Medicare, Medicaid, and Special Needs dual-eligible programs. In 2015, Ms. Worcester was recognized with a Women in Business Award by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, and in 2018 with a Women’s Health Leadership TRUST Courage Award.

Merrill Goozner
Former Editor
Modern Healthcare

Having served as Editor of Modern Healthcare magazine from December 2012 to April 2017, Merrill continues to write a weekly column and participate in their education and events programs. Over the course of his four decades in journalism, he served as a foreign, national and chief economics correspondent for the Chicago Tribune; contributed articles to numerous magazines and medical and scientific publications; and taught journalism at New York University. He is the author of The $800 Million Pill: The Truth Behind the Cost of New Drugs (University of California Press, 2004). Mr. Goozner earned a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and a bachelor’s in history from the University of Cincinnati, where he received the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2008.

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