Members Weigh-In: The State of Health Insurance Consumer Experience

  • June 07, 2021
  • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET
  • Online

Annual consumer experience reporting has consistently ranked health insurance behind most other industries, and this webinar will give attendees exclusive early access to the results of a large scale survey, conducted in April 2021. With the rapid and sweeping digital advances sparked by COVID, it is more important than ever that health insurance providers understand current consumer sentiment and are able to effectively align customer service and self-service with what their members find most important.

Having access to this early preview of these just-in survey results will give health insurance providers an edge on the competition, and invaluable insights to help effectively prioritize service and digital-focused initiatives for the coming year.

This webinar will inform health insurance providers of current trends such as:

  • Members’ current perceptions of the quality of their health insurance consumer experience
  • What members’ find most critical to being able to effectively navigate their health benefits
  • What members’ find most frustrating given the current state of health insurance consumer experience
  • Where insurance provider and member respondents differ or align on digital consumer experience issues


Mark Poling
Chief Product Officer

Mark Poling is Chief Product Officer for Zipari. He has worked in the healthcare software industry nearly his entire 25-year career, initially developing an analog-based telemedicine platform and later cofounding Connecture, the first national health insurance marketplace to include quality metrics at point of purchase. He went on to start Colibrium, the first to bring integrated shopping, CRM and wellness capabilities health plan industry.

Maryann Waugh
Senior Content Marketing Manager

As an evaluator and writer, Maryann helps organizations measure and describe their impact and develop compelling narrative and visualizations to tell – and sell – their story. Her expertise includes collaboratively developing creative and pragmatic ways to measure program results against projections, goals, an/or industry standards), using multi-variate analytics to translate organizational data into trends and information. Maryann has experience in behavioral healthcare, integrated primary and specialty care, and telehealth.

Greg Dobson
Director of Sales Operations

Greg leads Sales Operations for Zipari, working on a daily basis with Health Plans across the country. Greg is focused on making health insurance easier for consumers to understand, purchase and maintain. He’s worked in the health insurance industry for the last 5 years, and prior worked at consumer-focused companies like Google.