Opioid Abuse Prediction: Using Socio-demographics to Generate Insights

  • June 26, 2019
  • 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM ET
  • Online

Healthcare organizations need detailed data to gain an in-depth understanding of specific populations and their health concerns so they can design effective outreach programs, manage care, and contain costs. But health risk assessment (HRA), claims, and enrollment data are no longer enough – they don’t provide the consumer insights needed to pinpoint communications, marketing and other outreach strategies.

Health insurance providers can combine cutting-edge segmentation methodology with a rich set of healthcare-specific consumer lifestyles, attitudes, and behaviors to better understand health status, disease prevalence, substance abuse, illness burden, and more. The speakers will share examples from organizations that are using socio-demographic data to understand who their high opioid users are and what socio-demographic factors may predict potential abuse.

We’ll present case studies that combine opioid and substance abuse utilization with socio-demographic data to better understand:

  • Appropriateness of opioid prescribing practices – including opioid type and strength compared to patient demographics (age, comorbidities, and other health and lifestyle factors)
  • Socio-demographic predictors for high utilization and substance abuse
  • Care management intervention opportunities

Attendees will:

  • Discover how to combine key data sources to unlock insights on social determinants of health: for individuals, specific populations, and precise geographic areas
  • Learn how others are using socio-demographic data to identify and target specific populations, close gaps in care, understand and lower risks and increase cost effectiveness
  • Uncover ways to better treat pain management patients


Brandi Hodor, BS
Applied Mathematics and Statistics Analytic Advisor
IBM Watson Health

Brandi is an Analytic Advisor and one of IBM Watson Health’s leading experts on Socio-demographics. She advises both private health plans and employers on implementing this data, and on issues relating to reimbursement system design, and the use of incentives to motivate desired provider and member performance.

Katherine Haverty, MS
Pharmacology, Pharmacy Analytic Advisor
IBM Watson Health

Katherine assists teams across IBM Watson Health, including payer, provider and research, in developing actionable pharmacy-related analytics to facilitate informed decision-making and support client strategies. Her recent projects include clinical evaluations of conditions highly impacted by specialty drugs and developing prediction models and quality assessments for opioids and substance abuse.

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