Population Health Strategies: Addressing
Spend & Complex Medical Cases

  • November 15, 2021
  • 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET
  • Online

An estimated 10% of members drive up to 80% of total costs for health insurance providers. Without guidance and access to specialists, members with complex healthcare conditions are at higher risk for misdiagnosis or mistreatment, contributing to the 25% of healthcare spend that is considered unnecessary.

At the same time, 90% of the $3.8 trillion in annual healthcare spend in the US is focused on treating chronic conditions. Certain conditions like musculoskeletal (MSK), heart disease, cancer, and diabetes drive a large component of total costs, and the prevalence of these conditions is expected to increase over the next decade according to the CDC.

We’ll examine how health insurance providers can improve population health by focusing on guidance and condition-specific treatment plans to support members who are battling the unknowns of a new diagnosis. Attendees will take away population health and disease management strategies for addressing high-cost conditions and providing member-specific support.


Dr. Todd Thames
Vice President, Clinical Market Initiatives
Included Health

Dr. Todd Thames is a Family Physician with 28 years of clinical experience based in San Antonio, Texas. He has been with Included Health, formerly Grand Rounds Health + Doctor On Demand, since August 2016 and serves as Vice President, Clinical Market Initiatives. Throughout his three decades of experience he has practiced full spectrum Family Medicine, taught in undergraduate and graduate medical education programs, including as residency program director, and has served as a leader and administrator in both the ambulatory and inpatient hospital settings.

Additionally, Dr. Thames served 9 years on active duty in the US Air Force, stationed in the continental US, overseas, and in a number of deployed locations. Closer to home in San Antonio, he maintains a faculty appointment at Trinity University where he teaches in the graduate program of health care administration. He also enjoys serving on the Board of Directors for Project QUEST San Antonio, an economic and educational empowerment foundation, and on the Full Circle Society at the San Antonio Food Bank.

Dr. Thames completed a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch, and holds a Master of Science in Health Care Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio. He is also a Fellow in the American Academy of Family Physicians and Diplomat of the American Board of Family Medicine.