Remove Revenue Cycle Bottleneck Through Staff Investment

  • August 24, 2016
  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET
  • Online

Employee turnover is a costly and a disruptive issue in healthcare. Investing in your staff, developing pathways to learning, and educating them on core competencies will decrease staff turnover, increase staff involvement, and productivity. Employee turnover has a negative effect on your revenue cycle, through employee productivity, training, onboarding new employees, communication, and overall staff satisfaction.

Investing in your employees through training and leadership development, is the first step. Work design makes or breaks productivity, and good work design mixes human skills and automation, to get the best of both worlds. Companies should enrich jobs and enable people to use their skills rather than routinize; enriched work engages people’s intellect, energy, effort, and commitment to your organizations mission.

Reengineering business processes should always yield more interesting and challenging work for employees, engage employees, increase retention, allowing you to spend less on training new and employees. It’s simple to combine flexible technology with engaged employees and create a productive workflow process.  Well-designed and supported training can result in enhanced job-related knowledge and skills. People must understand the reasons for the development and understand the consequences if the competencies are not put to use.

What participants will learn: 

  • Understanding how developing staff will decrease turnover.
  • Create department specific learning paths.
  • Use badges to make education fun!
  • Learn how scenario based simulations for on-boarding new employees will prepare them out of the gate.
  • Rapid deployment of new information.
  • Investment in staff will have long term financial gain for any organization.

Who should attend: 

  • Revenue cycle/Education managers.


Robin Bowles

Robin Bowles began working in the healthcare arena in 1991 at a local hospital as the Outpatient/Emergency Room & Admitting Supervisor, followed by 10 years of individual and group practice management including internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, and pain management. She has performed both front and back office tasks, as well as clinical assistance when needed. Her clinical skills were put to the test when she began working as a Risk Manager for the largest medical malpractice insurance company in Texas.

She conducted statewide practice reviews for all specialties and made recommendations regarding practices and processes to safeguard both the patient and provider. Medical records reviews (paper and electronic) to determine whether provider actions were accurately and completely documented within the medical record were a regular part of risk management reviews and one of the areas in which she is considered an expert. Robin found her niche when hired by e-MDs in February of 2005. Her exciting and inspiring presentations for e-MDs and the role she plays in educating both customers and e-MDs staff are what she loves best.

Her consistent goal is to ensure our clients are provided accurate and timely information regarding Solution Series functions and features. Robin began her 10th year of employment with e-MDs in 2014, holding multiple positions within the Training & Implementation department and Clinical Product Development before taking on her current role as manager of the Corporate Education department. She plans to remain with e-MDs until retirement or death, whichever comes first! Robin lives in Austin, Texas and has two grown children whom she deems her proudest accomplishments to date!