Shattering Legacy IT

  • January 15, 2019
  • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET
  • Online

There are many catalysts for change. Regulatory shifts can have a rapid and significant impact on the business. This webinar will showcase a health insurer who responded to a dramatic regulatory change by transforming their technology infrastructure to enable the business to succeed and grow. The transformation included a combination of modern infrastructure, next generation applications and updated people skills. Results have included a 37% growth in membership in a short time span, with no additional IT staff necessary. This webinar will include additional information and examples of health insurers who have undergone similar transformations, and some of the industry dynamics forcing change.

Regulatory changes, competitive pressures and providing a delightful member experience, all while lowering costs and improving patient outcomes, are forcing health insurers to transform their people, process and technology to effectively succeed.

This webinar will demonstrate how one health insurer set an example by making the sweeping changes necessary to evolve their technology, as well as people and processes, to meet the challenges around them. Additional data and examples of other health insurers’ transformation will also be presented.

Attendees will learn: 

  • How health insurers can turn challenges into opportunities for change and growth
  • How a sudden regulatory shift can be a catalyst for necessary transformation
  • How challenging long-standing assumptions about people, process and technology can bring about needed progress and fuel the success of the business.


John Church:
Vice President, Chief Information Officer
WEA Trust

John is Vice President – Chief Information Officer for WEA Trust, a health insurer offering high-quality health plans, fully insured or as a self-funded administrator, also serving Medicare members, with a total of 130,000 members. Prior to becoming CIO, John served as Senior Director of Business Services. Before WEA Trust, John had multiple roles, culminating in SVP, CFO of Shared Services at QBE, a global specialty insurer, and also had managerial positions at Allstate and Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin. Throughout his career John has worked to transform the business operations utilizing technology, along with new processes and people skills.

Harry Merkin
VP of Marketing

Harry has worked with both payers and providers through many dynamic changes in healthcare for a number of years. He is currently responsible for Marketing at HealthEdge, including product marketing, demand generation and thought leadership. He previously had similar responsibilities at Evariant and NaviNet and has collaborated with many transformative entities across the healthcare landscape. Harry has helped introduce and promote innovative enterprise software solutions that enable payers to improve their competitive effectiveness, as well as perform valuable communications between payers and providers, and allow providers to effectively collaborate with patients and consumers as well as with each other. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and forums and contributor to the ‘Edge Report, the HealthEdge blog.

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