The Cost of Health Care System Complexity

  • August 24, 2021
  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET
  • Online

Accenture analysis shows that health care system literacy among U.S. consumers is low, and the problem is only getting worse. The complexity of the system is driving significant, avoidable medical and administrative costs, including approximately 50 billion dollars in Emergency Department spend annually. Health insurance providers are uniquely positioned to deliver better member experiences and drive affordability by tackling the root causes of health care system complexity.

The session will dive into analysis of health care system literacy and its impacts, and identify opportunities for health insurance providers to enhance member experiences and manage costs by removing unnecessary complexity.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Consumer health care system literacy trends and drivers
  • Impacts of low health care system literacy on utilization and cost
  • Opportunities to simplify health care to achieve consumer experience and affordability goals


Renee Ghent
Chief Digitalization Officer

As Aetna’s Chief Digitalization Officer, Renee Ghent is charged with reimagining and reinventing the constituent experience across Aetna through data and digital technologies. With her extensive experience in IT and digital solutions, she is committed to embedding a digital first mindset across the organization that empowers innovation, collaboration and agile ways of working to achieve business goals and meet the needs of our members, providers, plan sponsors, brokers and colleagues.

JP Stephan
Managing Director and Health Customer Engagement Lead

JP leads Accenture’s Health Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Practice. He is responsible for Accenture’s Health Consumer Research, Thought Leadership, Assets, and CRM Alliances. JP’s experiences include over 18 years of consulting with Accenture, serving clients within Accenture’s Health Industry Group.

JP specializes in helping Health Insurance, Pharmacy Benefit Manager and Provider clients become customer-centric organizations. He helps clients define, implement, and run customer experiences and capabilities to drive growth and increase customer relevance through improved engagement. JP leads Accenture’s multi-year customer-centricity transformations; applying customer insight, technology innovation, and leading practices from consumer-oriented industries into health care.