Thrive and Excel in an Ever-Changing Payer Market

  • October 28, 2019
  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET
  • Online

Just a few years ago, Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) faced an unexpected surge in membership. The communities in Southern California it served were hit hard by the recession and had one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. As people lost insurance coverage along with their jobs, IEHP experienced substantial growth in its two lines of business: Medi-Cal and Cal-Medi Connect.

“We had gone from being a pretty good-sized plan, but manageable with kind of our current structure and processes,” CEO Bradley P. Gilbert, MD, MPP said. “Then all of the sudden we’re over a million-member plan…So that sudden growth exposed weaknesses in our processes.”

How Simpler helped Inland Empire Health Plan:

  •  Save $41M across the health plan in the first year
  • Decrease Provider onboarding time by 90%
  • Increase employee engagement by over 50%


Craig Weathers
Account Manager – Health Plan Practice

IBM Simpler

Craig Weathers Joined Simpler in 2010 with 25 years of experience in various types of manufacturing industries. His positions have included Human Resources Manager, Plant Manager, Director of Lean, and Business Unit Manager. His varied background has given him strong insight and understanding to the human dynamics required to bring the organization together, from the CEO to the shop floor, to embrace the spirit of lean. Craig’s clients quickly recognize his passion for developing individuals and his strengths in teaching people to see waste and effectively problem solve. His clients appreciate his ability to seamlessly coach members of the executive team, middle management, support functions, and the shop floor. Through true “battlefield experience,” Craig has discovered that human development is the secret to success in achieving and sustaining extraordinary results in the lean transformation process.

John Rubio
Vice President – West Region
IBM Simpler

John Rubio has over 30 years of leadership experience in the delivery of successful large-scale Lean transformations across a broad range of industries and companies including military/DoD, aerospace, health care, manufacturing and the Public sector. His industry segment experience includes plastics, textiles, precision metal working and machining, automotive interior trim products, vehicle and component assembly, packaging, filtration, sporting goods, and consumer products. John has held positions as a Corporate Continuous Improvement Manager with twenty-three plant responsibilities, Plant Management/GM, Director of Manufacturing and Vice President of Operations.
John has developed extensive experience in the health care industry working with hospitals, clinics and Healthcare Payers of all sizes and specialties.

Bradley P. Gilbert, MD, MPP

Dr. Gilbert has more than 31 years’ experience in public health and managed care leadership.  His most recent experience was with Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) where he served as Chief Executive Officer. IEHP is an award winning, innovative, not-for-profit Managed Care Plan serving 1.24 million Medi-Cal and Medicare/Medi-Cal Members in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in California.  Dr. Gilbert and IEHP received many honors and awards for their care and service to their enrolled Members, Providers and IEHP Team Members.  One key area of success was implementing LEAN principles and practices across the company as part of a LEAN transformation of IEHP.  IEHP worked closely with Sensei and Gemba Coaches from Simpler Consulting.

Prior to IEHP Dr. Gilbert served as the Director of Public Health/Health Officer for San Mateo and Riverside Counties, leading positive changes for public healthcare in those communities.  He also has interesting clinical and leadership experience in jail medicine, substance use disorder treatment center, Kaiser Permanente, and private practices.

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