Filling The Gaps With Supplemental Coverage

posted by Geralyn Trujillo

on May 8, 2017

Health insurance is complicated. This is a sentiment we hear inside and outside of the health insurance industry – from consumers, policymakers, advocates, and even ourselves. Various aspects of health insurance can make it seem even more confusing – start discussing the implications of federal or state regulatory policy; the differences between the individual, small-group, and large group marketplaces; or the components of rate filings, and you’ll almost immediately notice eyes glaze over and your audience has that deer in the headlight look.

That’s why AHIP is working to help cut through that confusion. In a series of easy-to-follow and fun-to-watch videos, we explain some pieces of the health coverage puzzle so we all are better informed, more confident consumers.

So let’s look at supplemental coverage, oftentimes considered to be one of the most confusing health insurance products. For those who may have heard of supplemental insurance but don’t fully understand the benefits, this video can help:

Filling the Gaps with Supplemental Coverage” answers two simple questions – what are supplemental products and why do they matter?

Get better acquainted with what these policies do and how they can offer financial protection and peace of mind. The video also emphasizes the important role supplemental policies play in the broader health care coverage environment,  providing medical and financial protections from accidents and illnesses.

Through insurance 101 videos like the one above,  we will continue to help educate and inform consumers, policymakers, and others to the benefits, options, and value that supplemental insurance – in all its forms – can offer. As the video notes, supplemental products can help you focus on what really matters – getting better and staying healthy.

Geralyn Trujillo is executive director of Product Policy at AHIP.

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