Fueling Food For Flint

posted by Christopher Shields

on June 22, 2016

When residents of Flint, Michigan, faced a devastating water crisis, Meridian Health Plan (Meridian), a family-owned, family-operated Medicaid health plan located in the heart of downtown Detroit, responded in a major way. Meridian partnered with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan (FBEM) to launch the Fueling Food for Flint initiative, a project that provided Flint residents with free iron-, calcium-, and vitamin C-enriched food to counter the damaging effects of lead poisoning. Meridian and the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan delivered 320,000 meals – more than 12 million pounds of food – to roughly 400 families a day.

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The Fueling Food for Flint partnership builds on Meridian’s continued efforts to support its enrollees and the community’s lead prevention efforts. In fact, Meridian has previously teamed up with the FBEM for health education events which featured healthy food distribution tables, and resources to help educate Flint residents about best practices for dealing with lead poisoning.

Meridian and the FBEM will continue to provide nutritious foods to members of the Flint community through Sept. 30. We view our job as an advocate for our enrollees and the community we serve, and we are proud to work with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan to help families get the care and services they need.

Christopher Shields is Marketing Coordinator for Meridian.

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