Great Ideas From Our Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum

posted by Alicia Caramenico

on December 8, 2017

Health care thinkers, doers, and disruptors gathered in Nashville this week for AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum. From building trust in the industry, to using apps for mental health treatment and opioid overdoses, to changing employee health culture, we couldn’t wait to share some of our key takeaways.

Learn from mistakes.

  • Jefferson Health in Philadelphia uses predictive modeling to reduce uncertainty in care. It’s learning the probability of who will come back to hospital for readmission and adjusting treatment plans accordingly.
  • Don’t be discouraged if the first iteration isn’t a success.” —Florida Blue CEO Pat Geraghty on designing retail centers to make real connections with patients.

    Panel at AHIP's Consumer Digital Forum 2017

    Florida Blue’s Patrick Geraghty and HCA Healthcare’s Bruce Moore with moderator Alexandra Drane of Eliza Corporation

  • Embrace the “fail moment” when creating digital experiences that consumers will use. Companies don’t inherently know what people want, so as you figure it out adjust to meet those wants. —CEO and Founder of Wildflower Health, who learned that not all app launches are alike.

Prepare for what’s next.

  • Presbyterian Healthcare Services has a prep checklist for embracing new technology like AI and cognitive computing. It includes elements like budget, resources, data storage, and level of commitment.
  • Think about 10 years from now, do it today.” —Dr. Steve Klasko, President and CEO of Jefferson Health, who experienced his hospital’s tech innovations firsthand when he video chatted with his children from his hospital bed after an emergency surgery.

    Dr. Steve Klasko answers questions on stage

  • Health care quality today means access plus convenience. “No one says, ‘well at least the waiting room was great.'” —Leaders from Humana and Oscar Health on designing an app that meets new consumer expectations

Humanize health care.

  • A panel of Chief Experience Officers all called on health plans and providers to meet their audiences where they are and build relationships there
  • People are not simple templates and stereotypes.” —Oscar Health CTO Alan Warren shares how to bring Google innovation to the health care space.
  • “Don’t ask patients ‘what’s the matter with you.’
    Dr. Oz at AHIP's Consumer Digital Forum 2017

    A Dr. Oz selfie with the #AHIPDigital crowd

    Instead, we should be asking ‘what matters to you.'” —Dr. Patrick Carroll of Walgreens Healthcare Clinics, on a panel about health care acting like a system rather than a fragmented collection of transactions

  • Stop thinking like a hospital or health plan and start thinking like a consumer health entity. —Dr. Steve Klasko, President and CEO of Jefferson Health
  • “I don’t have people call me ‘doctor’ anymore. It puts a barrier between me and the patient.” —Dr. Archelle Georgiou, who is committed to empower patients and create relationships that encourage patients to ask questions

What were some of your lessons learned or favorite moments?

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