Health Plans Go Mobile To Empower Health

posted by Alicia Caramenico

on December 7, 2018

One aspect of the revolution in health care that has captured the attention of the public is the rapid advance of mobile technology to enable health and wellness. Apple, Google, Microsoft, NIKE, FitBit, and Under Armour are just a few of the many well-known brands that have jumped into mobile health technology with both feet.

Health insurance providers are also at the forefront of the movement to empower health through mobile technology, increasingly offering core administrative functionality like:

  • Finding in-network providers
  • Viewing and/or printing ID cards for families
  • Reviewing and checking claims status
  • Locating a pharmacy near you
  • Refilling or renewing a prescription

For example, Anthem’s mobile app lets you carry a mobile health record with you so that you can show it to your doctor during an office visit.

Many health insurance providers are also looking at apps as a way to encourage members to live healthier lifestyles. For example, the participants with the Coach by Cigna app can “get started on the healthier you.” The app allows participants to monitor nutrition intake, set healthy goals, and connect with health and wellness experts.

Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of mobile apps, which provide services ranging from scheduling appointments and reviewing medical records to tracking fitness. As evidence of its success, KP’s flagship app has been downloaded more than a million times.

Mobile technology is evolving daily, so expect to see more from health insurance providers, including greater use of telehealth services delivered via mobile, more tools to incentivize healthy behaviors, and even games that can help sharpen mental acuity or help people be more engaged in their health care.

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