Health Insurance Providers Lead The Way To Improve Adult Vaccination Rates

posted by AHIP

on April 24, 2018

Each year, millions of adults miss their recommended immunizations, a dangerous trend that leaves them at risk for serious diseases that can be prevented. Health insurance providers have made improving adult immunization rates a priority, recognizing that immunizations are one of the best ways to keep patients healthy and reduce the risk of vaccine-preventable illnesses and hospitalizations.

AHIP’s National Vaccine Roundtable identified barriers to boosting adult immunization rates and to increasing awareness among adults about the importance of keeping up with recommended vaccines even after childhood. Take a look at our report highlighting the perspectives of health insurance provider leaders, federal government officials, public health organizations, clinicians, consumers, and pharmacies, who all work together to reduce vaccine-preventable diseases.

Health insurance providers use a variety of tools to ensure adults get the vaccines they need. They assist providers with processing claims quickly, improve methods to keep track of patients’ immunization information, identify immunization gaps among patients, and send reminders for necessary vaccines.

There are several areas with potential for progress, according to the report, such as incorporating adult immunization screening and awareness into health plan enrollment processes. Other areas include expanding access for recommended immunizations to pharmacies and convenience care clinics, and partnering with community groups to better raise awareness among diverse populations about the importance of vaccinations and how they can be accessed.

While there are challenges involved with improving adult immunization rates, health insurance providers and other stakeholders remain focused on enhancing vaccination efforts, and the resulting cost savings and health benefits.

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