Health Insurance Providers Take On Telehealth

posted by AHIP

on August 9, 2018

People want health care and coverage that is more accessible, regardless of where they are or what time of day it is. Health insurance providers have heard this plea and are responding accordingly.

They’re investing in new technologies and digital capabilities by partnering with innovators like American Well and Teledoc. For example, Anthem is working with American Well and Samsung Electronics America to make health care simpler, more affordable, and more accessible. The partnership expands access to virtual doctor visits and other non-emergency medical care 24 hours a day, seven days a week to its members. Members can also connect with specialists ranging from nutrition to dermatology.

In Wisconsin, Dean Health Plan members can use the Dean On Call service 24/7, 365 days a year to speak with registered nurses who do everything from answering questions about specific health benefits to assessing medical symptoms. With this free phone service, members can quickly and conveniently talk to a medical professional before seeking medical attention from their doctor or an emergency department.

memorialhermannMemorial Hermann’s Wellness Portal (pictured left) contains resources and tools that help people make healthier, more informed lifestyle choices. The portal is compatible with HealthyNow, a mobile app that features an activity log, incentive management, medication management, and a messaging center for alerts on the go.

People can complete a variety of health-related activities through the portal—participate in employer health challenges, sign up for wellness workshops and blogs, and manage a meal planner to monitor calorie intake or keep diabetes in check.

Telemedicine is also an important value-add for Aflac, which gives its members the ability to connect with medical providers via webcam. Through the MeMD service, people can receive treatment for minor conditions such as allergies, body aches, and skin and respiratory infections. MeMD health care providers can write e-prescriptions that patients can pick up at their local pharmacies.

Telemedicine—while not a replacement for in-person visits with primary care physicians—provides a convenient, affordable way to improve health and well-being from home or on the go.