Health Savings Account (HSA) Expert Certificate Course

For millions of consumers, health savings accounts (HSAs) are a missed opportunity. They meet the criteria to open an account, but few take full advantage of the numerous financial benefits HSAs offer. AHIP’s online Health Savings Account (HSA) Expert Certificate Course provides the information you need to help your members and clients fully understand how HSAs work and the value they deliver.

Successful completion of this course is the sole requirement to earn your Health Savings Account (HSA) Expert Certificate.

At a Glance

  • 2.5-hour course length, plus 1 exam
  • Students have up to 90 days to complete course
  • Counts toward HSA Expert Certificate
  • Flexible, self-paced online format
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Technical support available by phone or email

What You’ll Learn

  • Gain a detailed understanding of what HSAs are and the qualification criteria
  • Add up the financial benefits HSAs offer, including triple tax benefits
  • Identify HSAs’ role in retirement planning
  • Map out strategies to help account holders maximize the value they derive from their accounts
  • Explore the operational side, including best practices and enrollment strategies
  • Know when to hit the “pause” button: learn why delaying Medicare enrollment may make sense for some HSA participants
  • Understand bankruptcy’s impact on HSAs
  • Find out what happens to an account in the event of divorce or death
  • Be ready for tax season: learn how to properly report HSA contributions and distributions
  • Learn how to manage the interplay of qualified high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) and HSAs

Who Should Take This Course

  • Agents and brokers
  • Banking staff
  • Financial advisors
  • Financial planners
  • Health insurance provider staff
  • Human resources professionals
  • Sales professionals


  • $795 AHIP Members
  • $1,095 Non-members

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Earn a Career-Driving Professional Certificate

This course is good toward earning the following certificate:

*3-year HSA Expert Certification from HSA Consulting Services and America’s Health Insurance Plans

Sponsored by HSA Consulting Services and the American Bankers Association

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