Health Savings Accounts: A Growing Tool For Consumers

posted by AHIP

on February 16, 2017

Key Takeaways

hsa_issuebrief_artboard-01Health Savings Accounts (HSA) give incentives to consumers to manage their own health care costs and save for future medical expenses.


HSAs allow consumers to pay for eligible medical expenses with pre-tax dollars.


hsa_issuebrief_artboard-03An annual survey by AHIP shows use of HSAs has steadily increased over time, with over 20.2 million enrolled in HSA/HDHPs as of January 2016.



Current law allows individuals and families to set aside funds in an HSA to pay for eligible health care expenses. HSAs are used in conjunction with qualified high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), which are health plans that provide comprehensive health coverage after an up-front deductible is met. An HSA account holder saves that money for health expenses they will incur in the future and does not pay taxes on the funds they set aside.

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