Helping America Age Well

posted by AHIP

on September 12, 2018

Allowing Long-Term Care Insurance In Cafeteria Plans and Flexible Spending Arrangements

Allowing employers to offer long-term care insurance under a cafeteria plan makes coverage more affordable, saves Medicaid and Medicare dollars, and educates Americans on the importance of long-term care coverage to their financial stability and peace of mind.

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Expanding the Use of Health Savings Accounts to Invest in Americans’ Long-Term Care

Allowing more tax-deductible dollars to go toward long-term care coverage can improve
Americans’ security and financial stability.

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How Retirement Savings Can Protect Against Extraordinary Long-Term Care Expenses

Allowing Americans to use a portion of their retirement savings to pay for long-term care insurance premiums provides them with greater affordability, choice, financial security and peace of mind.

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Empowering Consumers Through Education

A national campaign about the benefits of long-term care coverage can help Americans plan appropriately for their financial security as they age – protecting them and state budgets.

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Policy Solutions to Improve Long-Term Care Coverage

Congress can take action now to improve long-term care coverage, helping seniors stay healthier, happier, and more financially secure.

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Conceptual Analysis of Potential Revenue Effects of Three Proposals to Encourage the Purchase of Long-Term Care Insurance

Americans do not save enough for their future long-term care expenses. For individuals turning age 65 in 2015-2019, the Department of Health and Human Services projects that lifetime expenditures for long-term services and supports will average $138,100 and out of-pocket expenditures will average $72,200 (51.8 percent of total average expenditures).

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