How Group Health Is Embracing Preventative Care

posted by Group Health

on September 12, 2016

When Group Health started 70 years ago in Washington state, our founders wanted to offer health care coverage focused on preventative care to increase affordability and expand access. We are a member-governed, nonprofit health care system that coordinates care and coverage.

Since then, our goal has been to continually improve service to our 600,000 members in Washington and Idaho. That’s why we are proud our HMO offering was recently named the top health plan in the nation by eValue8, an evidenced-based assessment tool created by the National Business Coalition on Health. The assessment analyzed how health plans manage critical processes that control costs, reduce and eliminate waste, ensure patient safety, and improve health and health care.

We are constantly learning from our members and the purchasers and producers we work with. The eValue8 results demonstrate how effective our plans are at designing solutions that marry together with the delivery side of the business.

In earning the title of top-performing health plan, Group Health received the highest rating for “Helping members manage chronic conditions.” Our case management program – a result of the tight integration between the health plan and clinician teams – supports patients with chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension. This integration helps us ensure that patients are adhering to care plans and keeping their care teams updated about their ups and downs.

Ensuring patients receive care on their terms is another way we achieved great results on the eValue8 assessment. Easy and convenient access to care is especially important for managing chronic conditions, where small medical problems can often balloon into larger issues without treatment. We have long offered a consulting nurse service, which patients can call anytime for advice on their health. We have also partnered with Puget Sound-area Bartell Drugs stores on CareClinics, which provide walk-in appointments at 10 Sound-area Bartell Drugs stores. These locations allow patients to receive fast treatment for a number of conditions.

Ultimately, Group Health is always on a path to deliver the best patient experience and great quality outcomes at affordable rates. Our work began in the 1940s and continues on today as we lead the way in health care innovations with our members and patients at the center.

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