IHeart Champion: Pioneering Program Helps Patients Reduce Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke

posted by AllWays Health Partners, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

on March 12, 2019

Every American deserves affordable coverage and high-quality care that takes into account prevention to improve their health. That’s why Partners HealthCare and AllWays Health Partners are working together to take aim at risk factors for heart disease with a new, cutting-edge program called iHeart Champion for our shared patients and members.

This innovative remote medical management program helps high-risk patients reduce their cholesterol, blood pressure, and risk of heart attack. We have already seen excellent results with patients in the pilot program reporting a 40 percent reduction in LDL cholesterol levels in as little as 12 weeks and had blood pressure values drop by an average of 31/18.

iHeart Champion is a great example of the opportunities that exist for improving health outcomes when doctors and health insurance providers combine their resources to develop industry-leading innovations. Developed by the Brigham Health’s Cardiovascular Medicine Innovation Group, iHeart Champion uses customized algorithms to scan electronic medical records to identify patients who are at risk for heart attack or stroke. Patients can also be referred to the program by their providers. AllWays Health Partners has been able to offer this program to eligible commercial members.

Those in the program work with specially trained health care personnel known as navigators who serve as the point of contact between patients and a team of pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and cardiologist assigned to their care. With this approach, regular communications between the patient and health professionals has helped ensure consistent adherence to treatment plans.

In addition to medication management, navigators are also able to refer participants to AllWays Health Partners health coaches. These coaches focus on helping members make and sustain healthy lifestyle changes to improve their conditions. There has been high participation and satisfaction rates for members, as well as providers, thanks to the new options and flexibility for managing these conditions.

iHeart Champion demonstrates how innovation can fundamentally reshape the health care delivery system. And it’s a prime example of how doctors and health insurance providers can work together for more personalized and effective health care

By Dr. Tony Dodek, Chief Medical Officer at AllWays Health Partners; Dr. Thomas Gaziano, Clinical Director of iHeart Champion Program; Dr. Calum MacRae, Vice Chair for Innovation, Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital