Improving Patient Health Through Real-Time ADT Integration

posted by CaseNet

on November 18, 2019


South Country Health Alliance was founded as a grassroots effort by a group of counties that shared a common vision: that rural communities benefit when healthcare is locally governed, organized and delivered.

As a Minnesota Medicaid Managed Care Organization, which also administers two Medicare Advantage Special Needs plans, South Country exclusively serves public program enrollees in rural counties. Its 40,000 members often have complex medical, mental health and social needs. They are individuals with considerable variation in health
and functional levels who often require health and social support available from their local county public agencies.

Because South Country’s governing body is a Joint Powers Board made up of county commissioners elected and accountable to the citizens of their county, the plan is integrated with the actionable when it’s routed from the HIE out to the case managers on the TruCare platform. The TruCare Linx® module translates and manages the data from South Country’s HIE and pulls it into the TruCare care management platform.

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