Improving Senior Health Through 24/7 ACCESS

posted by Dawn Maroney, President, Consumer, Alignment Healthcare

on October 30, 2018

As president of consumer for a company dedicated to serving Medicare beneficiaries, I hear from seniors every day. Like most other health care consumers, seniors want more from their health care experience. They want to live in their homes and communities as they age, and, if possible, to avoid dependence on others and avoid institutionalization.

As a health insurance provider, we spent time thinking about how we could empower our members to take charge of their health. We started with the pain points they often tell us about—the need for immediate access to care, a simplified process, and assistance with understanding and navigating their health care benefits. This year, we announced the launch of ACCESS On-Demand Concierge, which mobilizes a concierge team for Alignment Health Plan members, providing a seamless consumer experience—from accessing care to solving a request or inquiry on the first call whenever possible.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, all Alignment Health Plan members in California, at no extra cost any time of day, seven days a week, will have access to:

  1. A licensed, board-certified physician by phone or video for health-related questions
  2. A concierge team to help make doctor appointments, schedule ancillary vision or hearing exam appointments, schedule transportation; determine benefits, arrange in-home meal delivery upon discharge from a hospital, and more
  3. Information about their benefits via phone, online member portal or mobile app

Earlier this year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services expanded what Medicare Advantage plans could cover as supplemental health benefits, incentivizing those plans to take a more holistic view on health care and include benefits such as meal delivery and transportation to doctor’s appointments in their plan designs. This decision aligned with what we had already begun to implement to improve our members’ health and their relationship with the health care system.

By streamlining our members’ experience, we can give them the tools they need to take charge of their health care decisions. If they have a medical concern in the middle of the night, they can call us. If they want to better understand their benefits, they can call us. That’s the health care experience we all deserve.

Dawn Maroney is president, consumer at Alignment Healthcare. Alignment Healthcare has created a new model of health care delivery for seniors that cuts costs and improves lives by unraveling the inefficiencies of the current system to drive patients, providers and payers toward a common goal of wellness. Alignment Healthcare offers HMO plan options to California residents through Alignment Health Plan and partners with select health plans in North Carolina and Florida to help deliver better benefits at lower costs.

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