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Share your organization’s best practices, unique approach to an industry-wide challenge with thousands of conference participants in a concurrent session at AHIP’s Institute & Expo Online 2021, June 22-24, 2021.

The sessions can be up to 45 minutes in length, including time for questions and answers. You may choose to include one speaker, or several speakers, depending on the session content.

Take advantage of this terrific opportunity to showcase your organization’s thought leadership, enjoy exceptional networking opportunities with health care stakeholders from around the country. And, the speakers in your session will receive a complimentary registration to the conference.

Quick Step Submission Process:

  • Take a look at the topic areas below and choose which aligns best with your proposed speaking topic/presentation.
  • Click on the “Submit a Proposal” Button to propose a session title, short description, and speakers
  • Submit by Monday, March 1, 2021 to be considered.

Acceptance notifications (those proposals selected for speaking sessions) will be notified by email by Friday, March 26, 2021.

For additional details and guidelines, please see the information section following the key themes and topics below.

Key Themes and Topics:

Addressing Equity, Prevention, and Community Health Improvement

Topics of interest include:

Combatting social and economic barriers that prevent access to care

Tacking mental and behavioral health

Vaccine hesitancy and regaining consumer trust in public health and

Addressing health equity and disparities

Offering non-clinical services to improve health outcomes

Expanding consumer focus from wellness to well-being

Digital strategies and technologies that support SDOH-related activities

Value-based approaches, strategies and tools that support behavioral science and lifestyle changes to transform health and well-being

Innovations in disease prevention and population health improvement (opioid, obesity, loneliness, etc.)

Advancing Care Delivery Transformation and Value

Topics of interest include:

Implementing delivery system and payment reform

Outcome-based specialty drug contracting

Transitioning to value-based models

Strategies and tactics that support and simplify the evolution to value-based care

Scaling and replicating effective models of complex chronic care management

Facilitating effective provider and payer partnerships

Next generation of primary care

Hospital at home programs

Patient-centered partnerships to transform care

Genomics and precision medicine


Industry Disruption and Product Innovation to Meet Consumer Needs

Topics of interest include:

Impact of non-traditional health care players on the health insurance/health care industry

Drug pricing transparency

Applying cutting edge innovation from other industries to health care

Improving the online experience: personalization, design, and usability

Leveraging data to understand the holistic needs of consumers

Innovating the digital experience for consumers

Transparency tools and approaches for making health care simpler, higher value, and a better experience for consumers

Technology, Trends and Business Insight

Topics of interest include:

Post-Pandemic recovery and rebuilding

Business model innovation and agility

Telehealth, social media, video and interactive tools for virtual collaborative care

How to improve clinical care, reduce costs and augment operational efficiency through enhanced digital infrastructure, technology and business insight tools and services

Exploring the digital therapeutics landscape

AI, machine learning & data analytics

Emerging technologies


Additional Guidelines

Submissions from Health Insurance Providers

  • No more than two speakers from one health insurance provider will be selected to speak on a panel.
  • If another health insurance provider has proposed a similar topic, you may also be paired with a speaker from that organization to create a more robust panel.

Submissions from Vendors and Health-Related Companies

Proposals solely promoting company products or services will NOT be considered; however, proposals from vendors explaining the underlying innovative technologies used to improve health care delivery, products, or services will be considered and forwarded to our Business Development Team for follow-up.

  • Sessions will take place between in June 22-24, 2021. Please make sure the speakers you are recommending are available on those dates.
  • When submitting your proposal, please include:
    • Proposed speaker name(s), job title(s), and company name(s) including previous conference presentation experience and/or brief speaker biography. NOTE: At least one speaker should be from a health insurance provider organization.
    • Contact information including address, phone and e-mail
    • Title of presentation
    • Brief overview of the presentation (1 short paragraph plus 3 – 4 bullets that illustrate audience takeaways): Please write this with the knowledge that if your proposal is selected, portions of this description will be included in printed and online materials. Please do not use trade names, technical jargon, names of products, companies, or institutions, or abbreviations other than units of measurement.
    • Target audience(s) – Commercial and Government Health Insurance Providers, Hospitals, Health Systems, Employer Purchasers, Government Officials, Physician Practices, Post-Acute Providers, Investors, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device, etc.
  • Sessions should focus on a current project in place with reportable results, rather than recently implemented projects.

Have additional questions? Please contact Tiffany Jones at or Jasmine Phiri at