InstituteGo By Accenture

AHIP Institute & Expo Online 2020 will not only be virtual, it will be virtually impossible to miss any of it with #InstituteGO, an experience created by Accenture.

A team of health care industry pros attended sessions, went behind the scenes, engaged speakers and analyzed trends to deliver a definitive guide to AHIP Institute & Expo Online 2020. With InstituteGO as your guide, you can binge on the virtual conference or savor it, bit by byte.

With InsituteGO, you’ll discover how the health care industry rose to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis by shifting its focus and priorities, intensifying the pace and scale of change and forging new partnerships and collaborations. And you’ll get insights on the five key themes that emerged for health insurance providers at AHIP Institute & Expo Online 2020:

  1. Removing barriers to care for vulnerable populations
  2. Leading with empathy to support individuals seeking health care
  3. Accelerating digital health and next-generation care models
  4. Reprioritizing collaborations and evolving value-based care
  5. Building resilient and intelligent operations

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