It’s A New Way Of Thinking,
A New Way Of Working

As digital strategies take center stage in our health care system’s transformation, big thinking fills the  stage at AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum, December 6-8 in Chicago.

You’ll enjoy a focus on the biggest and most important topics facing our health care system, including how to use digital for better decision making, better care, more efficient automation, stronger connections with members and prospects, and more.

Featured Sessions

On Demand Health Care: Would You Like Your Health Care for Here or to Go?

Digital health is causing a paradigm shift in the way that healthcare is being delivered.  With the advent of these sophisticated technologies, physicians and patients alike are turning to on-demand care.  From mobile access to medical records, to remote doctor tele-visits, to physicians being equipped with patient data anytime, anywhere, this individualized approach is revolutionizing the care landscape.  This session focuses on the increasing demand for have-it-your-way healthcare and will explore the current capabilities and future directions in the use of non-traditional technologies and approaches for the purposes of population health monitoring and improving health care access. Panelists will also discuss the burgeoning field of on-demand health services and its potential to enhance health care delivery, improve health outcomes and disrupt the market as we know it.  Learn about the latest on-demand technologies and how on-demand transportation is poised to further change and transform the health care industry.

IOT: The Physical Interface

We suddenly live in a strange and wonderful nexus of digital and physical. Touchscreens let us hold information in our hands. Our sensor-packed phones even reach beyond the screen to interact directly with the world around us. While these digital interfaces are becoming physical, the physical world is becoming digital, too. Objects, places, and even our bodies are lighting up with sensors and connectivity. Designer Josh Clark explores how this will change our lives and our relationship to data—and what it means for health care, customer relationships, and our own privacy and well-being as consumers. Josh will also explore how this changes the way we do our work, with practical, meaningful opportunities that you can deploy right away for these newly physical interfaces.


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