Low Back Pain – Patient Education

posted by AHIP

on August 28, 2019


About one third of Americans suffer from low back pain, and the diagnosis and treatment costs exceed $90 billion nationwide. Those treatments are not always best-in-class: a significant percentage of lower back pain treatments are deemed unnecessary and even harmful for patients. And low back pain is the number one reason patients are prescribed opioids – which can expose them to an addictive substance without substantial or sustainable relief from their pain. Because opioid abuse claims about 142 lives per day, it’s essential that patients know what choices they have for treatment, including non-opioid alternatives that have been proven to be just as effective and safer than opioids.

There are a number of non-opioid options available to help patients manage their pain. These may include prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical options, as well as integrative therapies focusing on mind-body training, stress management, exercise, and manipulation of the spine. This guide is designed to help patients and their doctor explore a variety of safe, effective ways to manage and relieve pain.

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