Exhibitor Shipping Instructions For The 2016 National Medicare, Dual Eligibles And Medicaid Conferences

  1. Exhibitors may send packages 7 days prior to the events start date.
  2. Exhibitor confirms delivery via the shipping company websites (FedEx, UPS, USPS etc).
  3. When the exhibitor has confirmation of delivery, the exhibitor will fill out the attached form (FEDEXCCAuthorizationform) and send to the Director of Event Planning (Alanna Mayer-
  4. Director of Event Planning (Alanna Mayer- will ensure payment is processed and delivery is scheduled to the Exhibitor.
  5. The receipt of payment will be provided to the Director of Event Planning (Alanna Mayer- upon payment.
  6. A 15% discount will be applied to your final bill for shipping, receiving, and handling fees based off of the current prevailing rates quoted by FedEx upon arrival to the hotel. Pricing included on the Shipping Instructions attachment are subject to change

*All package handling and/or storage fees must be paid before packages are released to the exhibitor.