Medicare Advantage Stats Of The Day

posted by Alicia Caramenico

on February 24, 2016

  • Thirty-seven percent of seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage had incomes of less than $20,000, compared with 34 percent of fee-for-service Medicare beneficiaries, according to a new AHIP report.
  • Forty-five percent of Hispanic Medicare beneficiaries and 33 percent of African-American Medicare beneficiaries chose Medicare Advantage.

These stats come from a new AHIP report that looks at the demographic make-up of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. The report shows low-income and diverse populations of Medicare beneficiaries continue to rely on the high-quality health care coverage provided by Medicare Advantage plans.

The report also reinforces why funding stability for the Medicare Advantage program is so important. Protecting seniors from any further cuts in 2017 will ensure MA plans can continue to meet the health needs of diverse, low-income communities.

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