EmblemHealth Focuses On Its Communities

posted by Rachad Davis

on May 25, 2016

As urban areas continue to grow, so do consumers’ unique health needs. This offers a great opportunity for health plans such as EmblemHealth to reach patients on a more personal level in the communities they serve.

EmblemHealth created its Neighborhood Care, a one-stop shop for primary care. Patients in EmblemHealth’s coverage area can visit one of its four centers in New York, Harlem, Queens, Chinatown, and Brooklyn – free of charge no matter what type of insurance they have. In doing so, EmblemHealth makes accessing critical primary care services even more simple for patients.

Patients can take advantage of a number of resources at Neighborhood Care centers, which include taking health and wellness classes tailored to their health needs, participating in low-impact exercise classes and meditation, and connecting for one-on-one consultations with health plan experts to discuss topics from covered benefits to care coordination within EmblemHealth.

Recognizing New York’s diverse population is key to the program’s success.

“By being respectful of and responsive to the cultural, linguistic and health practices of New York’s diverse populations, we will be more effective at meeting their health care needs,” Nazneen Rahman, director for Neighborhood Care, said in a statement.

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