New Report Advises On How To Improve Vaccine Acceptance

posted by James Swann, Senior Manager, Communications, AHIP

on June 17, 2021

Vaccines save lives, and health insurance providers are working every day to ease access to—and build confidence in—approved COVID-19 vaccines. That work includes participating in the Get the Medications Right (GTMRx) Institute Task Force, which was comprised of a group of national leaders focused on developing recommendations to address vaccine hesitancy and bolster vaccine confidence.

AHIP was among the participants that advised on a new report from the GTMRx Task Force that offers recommendations for how health insurance providers can address community-level vaccine hesitancy, both in the short term and long term. Short-term recommendations include:

  • Convene community stakeholders and members to boost vaccine confidence.
  • Collaborate in outreach with organizations across the local ‘health neighborhood,’ such as hospitals, schools and school boards, faith-based organizations, and local businesses.
  • Create local ‘vaccine confidence leagues’ that focus on person-to-person outreach.

“We continue to see that working with local communities is the most effective way to boost confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and vaccines in general. Health insurance providers are committed to ensuring that every American can quickly access life-saving vaccines,” AHIP Senior Vice President, Clinical Affairs & Strategic Partnerships Kate Berry said. Berry is a member of GTMRx Task Force. Other members include leaders from the American Academy of Family Physicians, the National Quality Forum, and the Veterans Health Administration.

Efforts to increase vaccine acceptance should continue beyond the COVID-19 crisis, the task force said, and should be used to advance access and uptake of all adult and childhood vaccines. The task force also noted that the government has a role to play as well, and the Food and Drug Administration should work to speed up final market approvals for vaccines. The federal government and states should also work together to improve immunization information systems that can support a real-time national vaccine information infrastructure.

Participating in the GTMRx Task Force is just one of many efforts by health insurance providers to encourage vaccine uptake. AHIP’s Vaccine Community Connectors initiative, for example, is working to enable the vaccination of millions of Americans in the most at-risk, vulnerable and underserved communities—such as African American and Hispanic communities.

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