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5 Ways to Improve Health Care for the Future


Published Mar 23, 2020 • by AHIP

The Affordable Care Act has made significant progress in the health care industry over the past decade. But more can be done to build upon the ACA’s successes in the next ten years and beyond.

Surprise Medical Billing

1 in 5 Americans will receive a surprise medical bill from a doctor they didn’t – or couldn’t – know was out of their health care coverage network. Legislators and industry leaders must tackle this issue head-on to ensure patients do not incur financial penalties for receiving out-of-network care through no fault of their own. Concerns over receiving a surprise bill from a doctor or hospital should not prevent individuals from seeking needed treatment.

Increasing Competition to Reduce Drug Prices

Drug prices continue to skyrocket for both insurers and patients. It is crucial to introduce more competition to the market in order to lower costs and ensure savings can be felt by patients.

Expanding Adoption of Health Care Innovations

A whopping 75% of patients with access to telehealth services do not take advantage of them because they aren’t aware they exist or can’t utilize the technology necessary for a virtual consultation. As innovations in health care – like telehealth – become more robust, it is essential to encourage their adoption by providers and patients in order to expand access to care.

Transparency for Patients Without the Risk

Patients and consumers deserve better access to personalized, actionable health care information to empower them to make better, more informed decision. But it should not drive up health care costs or compromise the privacy of their personal health data.

Protecting Medicare Advantage and Medicaid

Medicare Advantage plans receive a 93% satisfaction rate from their enrollees. We must embrace the success of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid and make sure patients are protected from any harmful cuts to these essential programs.