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AHIP Responds to the Wall Street Journal: Broken Government Promises Will Hurt Americans


Published Dec 19, 2019 • by AHIP

It’s important to set the record straight regarding “Congress and the Spending Power” (Editorial, Dec. 8): if the private sector can’t rely on the government to be a reliable business partner, Americans will suffer.

Health insurance providers are accountable, reliable partners in federal health care programs that cover roughly 100 million Americans, and must be able to expect the government will be a reliable partner as well. To encourage health insurance providers to participate and offer lower premiums on the Affordable Care Act’s new exchanges, the federal government made a clear commitment to cover a portion of the losses they might sustain during the first few uncertain years. Insurance providers made participation decisions and offered coverage through the exchanges based on this commitment.

If the federal government can walk away from its promises and obligations with no consequences, all businesses will be forced to reexamine their own relationships with government partners. Partnering with the federal government will become too risky, and all Americans will lose. The Supreme Court should not let that happen.