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People Remain Happy with Vision Care Coverage, Survey Finds


Published Jun 30, 2020 • by AHIP

New survey finds vision care plan enrollees value savings and access.

Individuals and families with vision coverage continue to be overwhelmingly satisfied with their vision care insurance providers and the vision care they receive.

This is a key finding from a survey Global Strategy Group carried out in the spring of 2020 on behalf of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). Strong enrollee satisfaction has increased to 72% of respondents, up from 65% in 2018.

Other key survey findings:

  • Enrollees say they receive good value for what they pay for their coverage. The affordability of their vision care plans ensures enrollees can get the vision care they need.
  • Vision care insurers get high marks for their customer service. In fact, enrollee satisfaction with insurer communications has increased markedly since the survey two years ago, from 65% of respondents satisfied in 2018 to 73 in 2020.
  • Thanks to having vision care coverage, enrollees can take care of their eye health. This year, 72% of vision care plan enrollees say their vision care plan makes it possible to afford specialized care and eyeglasses if needed.

Consistent with survey findings from two years ago, about 80% of vision care plan enrollees in 2020 indicate that:

  • Vision care coverage provides options to choose the vision care provider that best meets their needs.
  • With vision care coverage, they can receive high-quality vision care.
  • Vision care coverage allows them to get annual preventive check-ups to detect and treat conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts.

Given the importance of affordability, our 2020 survey examines discounts on vision care plan services and materials, finding:

  • Two-thirds of survey respondents say vision care plan discounts make it more likely they receive regular vision care.
  • Over two-thirds of survey respondents say the availability of vision plan discounts impacts their choice of vision care provider.

Vision care coverage helps families to receive regular vision care, to keep their eyes healthy and their vision good, and to save money on the vision care services they need and want.

Learn more about what vision coverage can do to help you and your family.