Our Top Blog Posts From July 2017

posted by Alicia Caramenico

on August 3, 2017

From Amazon-like innovation in health care, to major trends in employee benefits, to the broken prescription drug market, July was a busy month for the health care industry. Let’s look back at some of July’s greatest hits.

Bringing Amazon-style Innovation to Health Care
It’s difficult to harness divergent changes to achieve innovation on a widespread scale. Aaron Martin, executive vice president and chief digital officer at Providence St. Joseph Health in Seattle, shared a five-point, Amazon-style blueprint for bringing innovation to health care organizations.



Pile of PillsHow One Health Plan Enlisted Pharma Sales Reps to Bring Down Costs
Health plans across the country are working with physicians, pharmacists, and other stakeholders to find real solutions to rising prescription drug costs. Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan in Albany, N.Y., has turned to a surprising partner: former pharmaceutical sales reps.



Ask the Thought Leaders: What’s the Future of Health Care?
Future health care challenges and opportunities will require new approaches to care delivery and more effective consumer engagement and empowerment to build a system that works. As we work through this uncertain time in health care, we asked industry leaders what’s in store for the future.



Orange and Yellow Chart showing increase - RxMyth vs. Fact: What’s Behind Drug Prices
The prices of many drugs continue to explode, and there’s still a lack of transparency in how these skyrocketing prices are set. So we fact-checked some of the pharmaceutical industry’s main arguments for why they have to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for a course of treatment.

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