Our Top Blog Posts From September 2017

posted by Alicia Caramenico

on October 2, 2017

In September, AHIP held its National Conferences on Medicare, Medicaid & Duals. In addition to discussing new innovations, regulations, and emerging issues facing public programs, we also highlighted the the opioid epidemic and ways health plans are helping tackle this public health crisis. Here’s a look back at some of the month’s greatest hits.

Q&AHumana CEO Bruce Broussard on How Integration Creates True Innovation

Humana President and CEO Bruce Broussard shares some of his insights on the role health plans play in helping Medicare Advantage (MA) members achieve their best health.


Various pills and capsules in a containerProtecting Patients from Opioid Abuse

Many health plans are refining their approaches and driving the innovations needed to protect patients and curtail the misuse of prescription opioids. Here’s a look at what two Pennsylvania health plans are doing to limit inappropriate opioid use.


INTERVIEW: Innovation and Digital Revolution at Oscar Health

What does it take to reimagine health care and health insurance through innovation and collaboration? To find out, we asked Oscar Health, a technology-based health plan that’s been disrupting the industry since 2013.


Man in wheelchair outside with his significant otherDiverse Workplaces Create Value for Everyone

Highmark Health has found that a diverse workforce strengthens our culture and makes us a more competitive business, writes President and CEO David Holmberg.

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