Our Vision: Health Plans’ Role In Improving Health Care

posted by Marilyn Tavenner

on March 8, 2017

Today marked the beginning of AHIP’s National Conference on Health Policy, in which we take a look at what’s on the horizon for our health care system. Our Policy event demonstrates our industry at its best: Coming together across disciplines, across businesses, to focus on the people we serve.

We all have different perspectives and different ideas for how we can achieve our end goal. But our goal is the same: to ensure every American has access to affordable coverage and quality care so they can achieve their best health.

How can our industry accomplish this? By taking advantage of our unique position, which offers a 360-degree view of how health care works. We can look deep into how consumers experience their coverage and care, and how it all comes together to impact their whole health and well-being. We can also look into the policies of our nation, and how they impact the health and financial security of consumers.

As our members provide coverage and health-related services, they work to improve and protect the health and financial security of consumers, families, businesses, communities and the nation. Their collective vision, represented by our vision at AHIP, is to create and accelerate positive change and innovation for consumers through market-based solutions and public-private partnerships that advance affordability, value, access, and well-being.

We will fulfill this vision by:

  • Promoting consumer choice and market competition
  • Simplifying the health care experience for individuals and families
  • Supporting constructive partnerships with all levels of government
  • Partnering with health care providers on the journey from volume to value
  • Addressing the burden of chronic disease and social factors that impact health
  • Pursuing the promise of clinical innovations while ensuring value
  • Harnessing data and technology to drive quality, efficiency, and consumer satisfaction

These commitments represent what we as an industry believe in, and what we want to achieve on behalf of consumers and patients. They also will serve as our roadmap for reform, as we consider the impact policies will have on people.

Every step we take is progress toward better care and a healthier nation. And with this vision and these principles as our north star, we will be even more keenly focused on making a difference for all the consumers we serve.

Marilyn Tavenner is President and CEO of AHIP.

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