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Marie Mika, PhD

Sociologist and Staff Researcher, Included Health

Marie Mika, PhD, is a sociologist and Staff Researcher at Included Health. She conducts exploratory and generative qualitative research that informs product direction, such as the Included Health Virtual Primary Care personas. This work formed a recent presentation at the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry (EPIC) conference titled: “Designing Virtual Primary Care: Desire or Dread? How Structural Forces Shape the Anticipation of Futures.”

Prior to joining Included Health, Marie worked as a design research consultant; her clients included Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Research spaces included autonomous driving, tablet and smartphone design, and understanding the patient and caregiver experience. Subsequently, as Lead Researcher at a gaming company (recently acquired by Epic), Google bestowed the rare and coveted title “Best Casual Game of 2019” to the game she developed with her studio.

As a lecturer at Ohio State, her main areas of teaching and research were social movements and sociology of the family. Her article, “Framing the Issue: Religion, Secular Ethics, and the Case of Animal Rights Mobilization” has been cited in over 100 books and journal articles.