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Rudy Bozas

Director, Community Relations & Marketing, Tufts Health Plan, a Point32Health Company

As director of community relations and marketing for Point32Health, Rudy oversees four Tuft Health Plan products in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He comes with more than 20 years of experience as a seasoned professional with an innovative view of marketing, and passion for the mission of helping others.

His experience started with some of the of largest ad agency networks in the world, working on global brands such as Nestlé, Shell, McDonald’s, among others which rooted a strong classical marketing education. Yet, his innovative thinking and digital prowess made him into a change-agent where he turned to entrepreneurship, creating and leading a full-service multicultural ad agency, a medical lead generation agency, and a software and web development digital agency.

Today, he works passionately for those members who need us the most with a fine focus on mission and business.