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Steven White

Regional Vice President, Health Plans, Quit Genius

Steven brings nearly 20 years of experience selling innovative and disruptive digital therapeutic solutions to the payer marketplace in the areas of chronic disease management, behavioral health, and addiction therapy. At Quit Genius, Steven is responsible for growing payer partnerships to help members overcome the stigma of addiction, whether alcohol, opioids or tobacco. As a seasoned professional, Steven played a central role in bringing “digital coaching” into the mainstream in the early 2000’s with HealthMedia, an innovator in the space. He developed successful health plan partnerships that grew the business, ultimately leading to a successful acquisition. Steven is looking forward to bringing the power of Quit Genius’s proven approach to addiction therapy that combines Medication Assisted Treatment MAT), 7x24 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and the personal care of coaches and addiction counselors to break the grip of addiction, helping people be their best while driving bottom lines savings for our health plans partners and their clients.