The Road To Telemedicine: Are We There Yet?

posted by Quest Analytics

on March 29, 2021

A four-part thought leadership series written by Dr. Bill Lewis with the support of Quest Analytics


Telemedicine has promised to transform healthcare since the dawn of telecommunications. Recent decades saw it move from the realm of science fiction to functional reality. But it remained on healthcare’s sidelines, progressing steadily, but still far from its promised potential.

Then came COVID-19, and with it, telemedicine’s perfect storm: a national health crisis demanding unprecedented levels of care and social distancing, a healthcare system stretched to the breaking point and near-universal adoption of remote working methods and technologies. And just like that, it seems, telemedicine has arrived.

This four-part series examines the state of telemedicine in America, the journey that brought us here, and the road that lies ahead. Over the course of this series of papers, we will examine the state of telemedicine pre-COVID; The COVID effect, what is it and will it last?

The impact of COVID-19 on telemedicine, both short and long term. We will assess current developments and trends in telemedicine and look to examine what is coming next.

This series will examine:

  1. Before there was COVID, there was Telemedicine
  2. The COVID Effect: Will It Last?
  3. Telemedicine Today: What’s Happening?
  4. Telemedicine Tomorrow: What’s Coming?

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