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Case study: COVID-19 vaccination member outreach

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Culturally tailored communication significantly improves vaccination rates in Medicaid population

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Published on Jul 6, 2022

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The challenge

As COVID vaccines became more widely available in the spring of 2021, so too did vaccine hesitancy. Statistics indicated that Medicaid populations in particular tended to have a lower rate of COVID vaccinations for a variety of reasons including disinformation, inability to make an appointment during work hours, or lack of transportation.

The opportunity

In March of 2021, a California health plan partnered with SameSky Health to address the challenge of increasing vaccination rates among its Medicaid members, targeting some of the most diicult-to-reach members. At the time, the plan gave SameSky Health half of its population to work with, setting the stage for a case study in the eicacy of culturally tailored outreach.