About Employer-Provided Coverage

posted by Stephani Simmons

on January 2, 2019

Today, nearly 180 million Americans receive their health coverage through their job. And across the country, tens of millions invest in supplemental coverage, like dental, vision, and disability income protection.


71% of Americans are satisfied with their current employer-provided coverage.


On average, employers pay 83% of the coverage costs for a single person, and 72% of the coverage costs for a family.


As policymakers consider the future of the health insurance market, let’s build on the strength, stability, and success of employer-provided coverage. Together, we can ensure that Americans have access to the affordable, high-quality care they deserve.


Participation in an employer-provided health plan gives Americans affordable access to many doctors and providers, comprehensive coverage and quality benefits – such as preventive care, technology solutions, prescription drugs and emergency care.

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