Do I pick the time and location for my speaking session or will it be assigned to me?

  • AHIP will assign you a time, date and location for your session and will notify you once all assignments have been determined.

Is there a guarantee on how many people will attend my speaking session? 

  • AHIP cannot guarantee attendance, particularly if the information and speakers were used in previous events. If you presented at an AHIP conference in the past, we highly recommend that you do not present the same content with the same speakers.  You can help increase attendance by promoting your session using the pre-conference mailing and your own marketing vehicles (emails, tweets, booth handouts, etc.)

Will AHIP provide a moderator for my speaking session?

  • No, if you would like a moderator please make arrangements on your own.

Will the presentation automatically be loaded in the session room prior to my session?

  • Yes, presentations will be loaded in the session room as long as they are submitted by the deadline. We recommend bringing a backup of your presentation on a USB drive. You may also hand in your presentations on-site in the Speaker Ready Room.

Does the speaker receive complimentary conference registration or are they counted as one of the comped registrations in my agreement?

  • Your speakers will receive complimentary registration for AHIP’s Institute if the organization they are representing is from a health plan.  If not, the speaker will be counted as one of your allotted comped registrations.  Please register all speakers online.

Does AHIP make hotel and travel arrangements for my speaker?

  • You are responsible for making all travel and hotel arrangements.

What presenting equipment is available in the session room?

  • Rooms will be set with basic AV equipment: laptop, podium, LCD projector, screen, table microphones, and one standing microphone.  Internet connections cannot be made available in the session rooms.  Please let us know if you have special AV needs and we will work to accommodate them.

When should the speaker arrive at the presentation room?

  • We recommend that the speaker arrives 15-30 minutes early to set up the presentation and ensure the room is set properly.