Alexandra Quinn

by Jasmine Batchelor

May 1, 2018

Chief Executive Officer,
Health Leads

Alexandra Quinn is the Chief Executive Officer of Health Leads, taking the helm on October 23, 2017 following the departure of former CEO and Co-Founder, Rebecca Onie. Alex brought her significant experience in strategic planning, programmatic scaling and organizational growth to Health Leads nearly a decade ago. In the years since, she has served in a number of executive leadership roles — most recently as Managing Principal — overseeing the organization’s unprecedented West Coast expansion, along with its talent acquisition and human resources functions nationwide. From internal operations to high-profile clinical partnerships, the impact of Alex’s leadership can be seen throughout Health Leads’ pioneering efforts to enable major healthcare institutions to address social needs at scale.

Alex was first drawn to public service as a young intern at the White House, where she spent a year working as an Assistant in the Office of the Cabinet Affairs. She went on to serve as a political appointee at the U.S. Department of Justice, with her last role as the Director of Scheduling for former Attorney General Janet Reno. In 2001, Alex joined College Summit, as Vice President of Program. Alex spearheaded scaling initiatives that expanded College Summit’s reach ten-fold — connecting thousands of students each year to the peer support networks they need to succeed.

Alex serves as a Director of the Alumnae Association of Smith College, where she received a B.A. in History. She holds an M.A. from Georgetown University with a focus on policy and theology.