Alhassan Elbarasse, SPHR

by Jasmine Phiri

May 28, 2020

Senior Director, Human Capital Total Rewards,

As a former actuary, now situated in HR, Alhassan uses data to make connections, tell a story, deliver evidence-based solutions and improve the bottom line of the business.

His technical background, paired with 20 years of experience in human resources, gives the best of both worlds. Alhassan comes up with unique solutions using data analysis, motivational behavior theory and consensus-gathering from stakeholders to ensure the success of the initiative.

HR is a balance between employee satisfaction, cost-controls and forecasting. Having positive relationships with employees, management, finance and vendors makes that balance reward everyone. By widening the scope to include every facet of HR, Alhassan has mastered vendor relationships and financial forecasting, ensuring our contracts are fulfilled & performance guarantees are met. He has successfully managed base compensation, incentive compensation, executive deferred compensation plans, plus an array of benefit plans from retirement (401k/457b/457f and pension) to group benefits.

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