Amy M. Andrade, MS


April 11, 2019

Senior Advisor, Technology and Innovation; Founding Director, Data Science Center, Meharry Medical College

Amy M. Andrade, M.S. is the Senior Advisor to the President on Technology & Innovation; Assistant Vice President of Research at Meharry Medical College. A graduate of the Medical Informatics M.S. program at Northwestern University. Amy is enrolled in a PhD Data Science program, she joined Meharry Medical College in 2015.

As the Assistant Vice President of Research, Amy is the founding director of Meharry Medical College’s Data Science Center, an initiative of the President with a capital investment over $2M. The objective is to “un-silo” the multiple data sets across the institution, as well as to incorporate into the data ecosystem social media, social determinants of health, physical determinants of health and community services data by utilizing emerging technologies in a private cloud environment, a distributed file structure with hadoop, to leverage structured and unstructured data facilitated through data science.
Amy is a Fellow of the Group Information Resources (GIR) section of the Association of Academic Medical Colleges (AAMC) and

currently sits on the GIR-Research study section. Amy also sits on the Board of Trustees Executive Committee, as Secretary, to the Tennessee Kidney Foundation.
Amy has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Innovative Management. As an experienced Oracle Database Application Architect, Project and Program Manager. Amy was a Senior Manager at Deloitte, serving as a Portfolio Manager in Information Technology, managing a portfolio of across several sectors of Deloitte’s business lines.

Amy’s passion is to “un-silo” data sets, leveraging data science in data mining and predictive/prescriptive analytics, to allow the data to tell the story – to allow serendipitous data moments to occur, which in turn will allow scientists and clinicians to experience new associations never before known, to lead to new intentional and strategic questions to be asked.

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