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Nashville, TN


Ang Sun

by Stephani Simmons

October 11, 2017

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer,
Cambia Health Solutions

Ang Sun serves as the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at Cambia Health Solutions, based in Portland, Oregon. At Cambia, Ang is responsible for driving our artificial and augmented intelligence strategy, and building the data and analytics team to grow competitive advantage, capture significant savings and vastly improve consumer experience. Through big data, data science, and artificial intelligence, Cambia is delivering end to end analytics solutions improving care and creating seamless experiences for our consumers.

Prior to joining Cambia in 2015, Ang was Senior Director of Data Science and Business Intelligence at Expedia Inc. He was a major contributor to Expedia’s data science-based fraud detection platform. Before Expedia, Ang was the Chief Data Scientist at Intelius, a big data company focused on data aggregation and linkage for consumer information.

Ang holds a PhD in Natural Language Processing, Computer Science from New York University.